Sunset Projection Lamp Sunset Projector Night Light Wall Decoration Lighting

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1. The light head is adjustable, you can adjust the angle according to your like, meeting your different kinds of needs
2. This projector light is designed with an iron shell, which is sturdy and durable, not easy to be broken, and it is designed with exquisite workmanship, you can use it for a long time.
3. This kind of projection light is designed with 4 light types, including sunset, rainbow, sun, and sunset red, to meet your different kinds of needs.

Product Information:

Additional features: projection
Voltage: 5V (V)
Shade material: PC
Dimensions: 80*100*270 (mm)
Switch type: Wire control button switch
Style: modern and simple
Light source power: 5 (W)
Power supply mode: USB plug-in
Main application scope: live broadcast background, photography background, photo wall

The power cord is about 1.5 meters long

You can easily find the best sunset lamps from our online store Mairaaki at a discount. So don't miss the chance to buy at a considerable discount; Mairaaki also provides different designs of bed frames, mattresses, and other accessories.

1. The product is taken in kind, but because of lighting problems, pictures may have a slight chromatism.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please consider this before the purchase.
3. Please allow a slight deviation for the measurement data.


Specifications of a sunset lamp

Sixteen hues RGB Sunset Lamp:

This lamp projects a sunset with a remote control that can change 16 colours.

Friendly advice:

 The remote control of our products for sunset lights has been improved. Prepare two AAA batteries for the new remote control.

Sunset Light Projector Made of Alloy Material:

The lamp body is made of alloy material, which is anti-scratch, and the lampshade is made of high-quality sphere crystal, which has a high light transmittance and refractive index. Additionally, it can flip 180 degrees and spin 360 degrees to accommodate the required angle.

UFO Frame:

The sunset lamp's minimalist shape gives it a more elegant and regal appearance. Enhance the aesthetic sensation outside, in the living room, or bedroom.

Ideal for Additional Events:

 This sunset lamp projector is appropriate for interior photography, birthday, wedding, and Ramadan decor. It also functions as a floor lamp, picture backdrop light, aquarium background, and background backdrop.

You can easily find the best sunset lamps from our online store Mairaaki at a discount. So don't miss the chance to buy at a considerable discount; Mairaaki also provides different designs of bed frames, mattresses, and other accessories.

Measurements of the product:

4 x 4 x 10.6 inches

What do you get?

A remote control is required to operate these LED lights, and the shipping package contains instructions. The process is straightforward, and only the necessary angle needs to be changed. The projection of the sunset light on a wall or ceiling increases with increasing distance. The light throws amazing coloured circle lights onto the floor, shelter, and division. You may use the sunset light to take gorgeous pictures according to the user's instructions included in the box.

  • Dimensions of lamp: 270*100*100mm
  • 6W Power Source
  • 5V/1A for both current and voltage.
  • Direct Plug USB Power Supply
  • Casting with an iron base and an aluminium head.
  • 350 grams.

Most of us daydream of exotic locales and warm summer days because it has been a long, gloomy winter in confinement.

Even though summer won't arrive in the UK for a while, online users have found an excellent method to bring a little club Tropicana into their homes on gloomier days. The handy lights, as their name implies, cast the appearance of a sunset onto a wall, providing a space with a gorgeous orange tint that evokes the "golden hour."

The sunset lamps are undeniably beautiful, but do they offer any health advantages? Especially because light and sunshine, in particular, play such a significant role in maintaining our psychological state. According to therapist Kate Morris-Bates, these sunset lamps can significantly improve our moods on bad days. Additionally, they can assist with our problems falling asleep during the crackdown.

According to researchers, using different illumination therapy lights might make us feel better and more at ease. Our serotonin levels can be helped by light therapy lamps, such as sunset lamps, which can add calming illumination to your house. Even simply turning them on may assist us in deciding to unwind or go to sleep, leading to superior bedtime routines. Light treatment has even been demonstrated to help regulate our circadian cycle.

They may improve our spirits at this time of year, says Dr Ross Perry, a general practitioner and clinical director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics. They can be accommodating for people with SAD (seasonal affective disorders). As the author claims, people want vacations and better weather, which we frequently link with improving our emotions and lowering anxiety levels. Sunset lamps improve your mood by creating the illusion of hazy sunshine reflected onto the walls on what could otherwise feel like a gloomy and miserable day out there.

We feel happy when we have the sensation of sunset lamps' warmth and brightness. Soft lighting can make any space look cosy, warm, and welcoming, which may help us feel less stressed and more cheerful and calm. According to Dr Ross, some people have discovered that a sunset light helps lessen the symptoms of SAD as it can improve our moods and reduce stress levels. Ross also emphasizes that the lights have no additional health advantages. However, this shouldn't stop you from purchasing one.

You can easily find the best sunset lamps from our online store Mairaaki at a discount. So don't miss the chance to buy at a considerable discount; Mairaaki also provides different designs of bed frames, mattresses, and other accessories.

Consequently, a sunset lamp is enjoyable, may reduce tension, and can somewhat improve our mood, but it offers little further health advantages, he continues. Nevertheless, if purchasing one can help you feel better now, it will be worthwhile.

Put your hand up if you've previously grabbed your smartphone to snap a picture of the sunset as it perfectly landed on the wall. It's no surprise that sunset projector lights have recently become quite famous since they provide that Instagram-worthy shine at any time of day.

A sunset lamp:

Little desktop lights called sun projectors lamps often contain multicoloured LED bulbs. When you turn the switch, they cast a circle of yellow-orange light onto neighbouring objects. Thanks to its customizable angle, you can bend their spherical head to face a wall, the ceiling, or the ground.

You can see examples of how these vibrant lights may be used in various settings by scrolling through TikTok or Instagram, from replacing traditional mood lighting to adding a hipster vibe to picture sessions. Some lamps may be configured to show multiple colour schemes in addition to sunset tones.


While you're set to use the lamps, you must plug them in and direct them toward your chosen area. Users point out that its colours usually seem best in dark spaces, so you should shut off any other lights. The light's colourful circle will get shorter and more vivid as it gets closer to the wall and more extensive and diffuse as it gets farthest out.

Reasons you might want to give one a try:

There is neither a wrong nor right time to use these lights, but many people do so on cold nights when they cannot walk outdoors to see a genuine sunset to improve their moods instantly. Switching them on around dusk may also assist in preparing your body for sound sleep, says Michael Grandner, PhD, director of the University of Arizona's Sleep and Health Research Program and Casper sleep advisor.

It happens because light assists in establishing our crucial diurnal cycles. We must surround ourselves with solid light early in the morning and blackness at night, as we would in the environment, to maintain these circadian rhythms functioning



Sun-kissed colours may be added to your house at any time of day with the help of small gadgets called sunset projector lamps. According to sleep specialists, they could help manage your biological clock, but don't expect them to impact overall sleep or activity levels significantly. Whether you're looking for a snooze product, these scientifically supported products are better choices.

Sunset lamps, sometimes known as light therapies lamps, may infuse your dark, winter weather home or workplace with a cosy, tropical atmosphere. Additionally, they have demonstrated psychological advantages: When we don't have access to natural sunshine, sunset lamps mimic the physiological (and emotional) benefits of proper sun exposure, psychologist Deborah Offner told Allure. They create a whole spectrum of light that resembles natural sunlight, apart from a standard lightbulb. The same feel-good hormones you may release after spending the day at the beach are also produced by your brain in response, increasing vitamin D production. Therefore, they are frequently suggested as an aid for those suffering from seasonal affective disorders.

You can easily find the best sunset lamps from our online store Mairaaki at a discount. So don't miss the chance to buy at a considerable discount; Mairaaki also provides different designs of bed frames, mattresses, and other accessories.

Michelle Henry, a medical teacher of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College, claims that vitamin D synthesis is crucial for maintaining strong hair follicles and healthy skin cells. So whether you want better skin or a brighter perspective, these high-quality sunlights could help you get over the winter blues.

Because of how they are constructed, with a glass lens holding an LED, these items fall between light and projectors. A Sunset Projection lamp will project a warm beam of light onto your wall rather than the blazing glow that a conventional lightbulb will provide. Although this concept is relatively new, the equipment in use is everything but cutting-edge. Said these lights use coloured filters in combination with fisheye lenses to produce the colour gradients seen in the eye.

Perhaps the ideal time of day for portrait lighting is just before sunset. However, you shouldn't just take the subject outdoors and begin shooting. Spend a little time figuring out "how" to use the light, and your portraits will be beautiful.

Following are three examples of how to get the most light by positioning the subjects concerning the sunsets.

Forward Light:

The subject should be towards the sunlight. Turning your back to the light, shoot with the subject in focus. The issue will be brilliantly illuminated by the light, producing magnificent catchlights.

Be aware:

Immediately ask the subject to close their eyes until you are ready to take the picture if the light is too intense for their eyes. They are making every time memorable.

Side Light:

It would help if you directed its arm toward the light as you moved the subject. Then, tilt its face toward the light by 3/4 of a turn. With this side viewpoint, you will get soft transfer borders between the shadows and highlights. Your portrait will get dimension thanks to this lighting. Face the shoulder of your subject who is lighted.

Backward Lights:

Position the subject on the sun's setting side for the most creative and distinctive photograph. Overexpose the photo in Manual control to light your subject evenly. Keep in mind that if you do this, the fireworks will be blowing out, and the backgrounds will be directly exposed.

You can easily find the best sunset lamps from our online store Mairaaki at a discount. So don't miss the chance to buy at a considerable discount; Mairaaki also provides different designs of bed frames, mattresses, and other accessories.



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Sunset Projection Lamp Sunset Projector Night Light Wall Decoration Lighting
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  • Sunset / 5V - $25.95
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  • Fourcolor switchwhite light / 5V - $25.95
  • WiFi Tuya APP / USB - $67.02
  • Setting sun / 5V - $25.95
  • Fourcolor switchwarm light / 5V - $25.95

Sunset Projection Lamp Sunset Projector Night Light Wall Decoration Lighting

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