Drill Brush 8-Piece Set Of Floor And Wall Descaling Cleaning Polishing Cleaning Brush Drill Brush

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  • The Original Drill Brush Power Scrubber, a multifunctional corner scrub brush, is the most well-known power brush included in the Drill Brush Kit. When it comes to rounded corners in sinks, showers, floors, and bathtubs, the Original Drill Scrub Attachment is ideal.
  • Do you have to scrape or clean greater surface areas? Our well-liked 4-inch diameter round flat brush from the Drill Brush Attachment is included and ideal for larger tile surfaces, shower walls, and floors.
  • Small spaces? Count on the multipurpose, 2-inch diameter, circular cleaning brush with long bristles. The improved mobility required to reach narrow spots, such as grout lines and shower door tracks, is provided by this practical small brush.
  • Powerful Drill Brush Only Scrubber brushes have quarter-inch, quick-change shafts made of durable steel. Fits both drivers and drills.
  • There is a 90-day, no-questions-asked return period for all Drill brush products. If you are not entirely happy with our goods, we will either send out a replacement at the buyer's request or provide a full refund. 
  • Doesn't Include: Rechargeable drill.


  • Four-in-One Cleaning Kit:

Revo Clean is a brand-new, simpler method for quickly deep-cleaning almost any surface. For a reasonable price, you may hire a pro to clean your house or place of business.

Innovative Clean:

With the strongest cleaning kit available, you can save time and money. use the integrated 1/4 inch stainless steel quick-change shaft to connect to any power drill or impact driver.

Refresh Any Surface:

The grout lines, corners, tiles, bathtubs, showers, siding, linoleum, stoves, countertops, fiberglass, grills, marble, and more may all be cleaned with the drill brushes.

The Exfoliate:

For mild scrubbing and delicate cleaning of surfaces such as worktops, glass, plastic, granite, wooden furniture, mirrors, windows, shower doors, and more, use a soft sponge.

Non-Scratch Quality:

Glass, shower doors, bathtubs, stainless steel, granite, chrome, sinks, fixtures, cookware, tiles, and more may all be polished and scrubbed with the medium scrubber.

A Strong Clean:

When RevoClean is connected to your power drill, a powerful cleaning tool, similar to those used by professionals, is produced. Detailing surfaces and automobiles has never been quicker or easier.

Attached Items:

A medium-strength nylon ball brush, a medium-strength nylon round brush, a medium-strength nylon scrubber, and a medium-strength nylon 2-sided soft sponge (Drill not included).


We're willing to give you 90 days to test out the Revo Clean cleaning kit since we're so sure you'll love it. No questions asked, just return it if you don't love it. (No drill provided).

  • You can easily find this Drill Set from our online store Mairaaki at a discount price. So don’t miss the chance to buy at a huge discount.


A drill set is a broad, long-handled brush used to clean hard floors and surfaces. Unlike a broom, which brushes dirt with soft bristles, a mop brushes with stiff bristles. Therefore, you can use it after wetting it with water or cleaning fluid. A removable floor cloth or mop around the brush head can also be cleaned with water or wiped dry. However, today other cleaning devices are used for such purposes. More likely. In northern Germany, scrubbers are also called Leuwagen in the language of sailors. Therefore, in large companies and offices, cleaners sometimes jokingly call him Leuwagenballett. A quality cordless drill bit set includes three brushes in various sizes and shapes that fit most cordless drill bit sets. Medium-firm, high-quality premium bristles won't scratch the surface of your tub or shower tiles, and the back panel adopts high-quality PP material to ensure quality. You can use these non-scratch nylon bristles on bathtubs, sinks, baseboards, fibreglass shower screens, shower door rails and porcelain.

Wide Application of drill bit set:

This power drill bit set is professionally designed to clean bathroom surfaces, grout, upholstery, car wheels, tiles, showers, kitchens, bathtubs, carpets, etc. Three brush shapes Clean bathtubs, grout, upholstery, bathroom surfaces, tiles, showers, toilets, rugs and other floors. Nylon bristles do not scratch surfaces and brushed fits most cordless drills. The hairs are medium in hardness. There's a reason you need to scrub your bathroom floor with a standard scrubbing drill set. Every hard-to-clean surface in your home should tremble in your boot.

Also called power scrubber, this drill bit set takes your run-of-the-mill home improvement tool and turns it into a mean cleaning machine, complete with different brush types that cater to certain surfaces. Tough spots like bathroom tile, shower grout, and porcelain don't stand a chance against one of the midrange-bristled brush attachments. At the same time, more delicate materials like upholstery or glass are no match for one of the softer-bristled brush attachments.

You can even employ this handy power drill set in ways you might not have imagined, such as cleaning and polishing dusty, blackened tire rims when washing your car or removing your outdoor grill grate of any built-up food or gunk before burger night. Anytime during use, dunk into a bucket of water and spin the drill brush until clean before diving back into your project.

A look into shopper reviews and photos will show just why it's captured tons of cleaning clout online—dirty grout and shower tiles being the top uses for the power scrubber, as well as less expected spots like long-neglected ovens and fireplaces. This tool keeps your hands dry and away from harsh detergents and combats joint and muscle fatigue caused by manual scrubbing with a brush. It's also helpful for those who can no longer comfortably sit on their laps.

So if you want to clean hard-to-reach places in your home with less stress and hassle, these scrubbing brushes could be the spring cleaning hack you've been searching for.

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Power Scrubber drill bit set:

Each set has three different brush attachments with different shapes and purposes and an extended reach attachment to help clean even the most challenging spots. This set fits most home drills and can get into the inside corners and spokes of the wheel. All brushes feature a heavy-duty ¼-inch steel quick-change shaft. Suitable for drills and drivers. Drill set brush products to come with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.


Colour: Colourful

Diameter: 4 inches

The drill bit set may be the quickest and easiest way to tackle stubborn stains, but it's more than just a cleaning brush. A drill brush and detergent is the best way to remove dirt and grime from household surfaces. We get a lot of questions from our customers about what cleaner is best to use on their drill brushes. Some cleaning jobs are more complex than others, and some require special chemicals before scrubbing can begin.

A common question from people new to scrubbing with a drill is whether the brush will scratch the surface. Of course, cleaning with a power tool might seem a little extreme.

Luckily, simply put, most of the time, the drill set won't scratch the surface. Our non-scratch nylon bristles can treat porcelain, tile, hardwood, stone, vinyl, plastic, upholstery, metal and more. But just because the hairs are scratch resistant doesn't mean you can use the drill brush on all surfaces. There are some edge cases and specific scenarios where characters are unsuitable for drill scrubbing. Unlike most cleaning guides, today we'll tell you what not to clean with a drill brush set.

Non-Scratch Nylon Bristles:

As mentioned above, all bristles used in our drill set brush products are made from scratch-resistant nylon. It cleans the same way as hand rubbing, loosening dirt on the surface so you can wipe it out quickly. It's much faster and requires less effort because it harnesses the power of a cordless drill.

The bristles on drill brushes come in varying degrees of hardness, from soft to very hard. These ratings measure the flexibility of each fibre. For example, a soft white brush has less bending resistance, reducing drag on delicate surfaces, while a stiff black brush has minimal bristle deflection to tackle stubborn, hard-to-scrub dirt. The bristles achieve this without abrasives and are not made with anything that can cause scratches, such as the metal wires in grill brushes or the abrasives from jewellers in polishing pads. There is a way to scratch the surface, and it is due to the presence of nasty particulates.

Dirt Particles:

During cleaning, dirt, grit and soot particles are loosened for easy cleaning. However, these particles stick to the bristles and can act abrasive when driven at drilling speeds. It is not a problem as surfaces such as porcelain and vinyl is harder than particles and therefore scratch less. However, on some very delicate surfaces, unwanted markings can occur.

Two notable areas you can scratch by scraping with a drill brush are the car's finish and the chrome rims. These surfaces can pick up nasty grit, such as rocks or small metal grit, which can easily stick to your brush. Or scratch the delicate chrome finish.

Brush Stiffness and Surfaces

Bristle hardness does not affect surface scratching. Firmness determines how much the bristles flex when cleaning and how much dirt they can scrape off. A soft drill bit set has many effects, is more flexible, and covers a broader area. The medium brush is designed for most general cleaning tasks and has just the right amount of stiffness to tackle everyday dirt. The bristles are stiffer than medium bristles and can remove more stuck-on dirt. Finally, Ultra Stiff is our stiffest bristle and removes stubborn dirt like gristle.

However, the black brush has another ability. Tough enough to remove flaking paint. It is excellent if you have an old picnic table that needs retouching or a wall where you can use a coat of paint, but if your goal is to keep the colour on the surface, avoid using the Ultra Stiff Brush. Note that this only applies to textures that have chipped or peeling paint. Drill brush products, especially soft-bristle brushes, are safe to use on painted walls and furniture. Some finishes require the use of a white brush. Use a soft brush at a moderate speed to scrub embroidery and fabric surfaces with threads or stitches, as a stiff brush may get caught in the seams and pull.

Surfaces to Avoid

Brush scrubbing drill sets are safe on most surfaces, but you should avoid some. As mentioned in the dirt particles section above, we recommend not using drill brush products on your car's painted surfaces. It can be frustrating for car owners as we get a lot of messages from people looking for a faster way to wash and polish their cars. Unfortunately, a drill brush is not the solution, especially if you have a classic car or have invested heavily in painting.

The same applies to chrome rims. As mentioned earlier, the edges can pick up a lot of brake dust, dirt and metal shavings, which will damage the chrome if used with a drill bit set. However, standard plastic rims and metal hubs are safe with a drill brush.

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Glass etching is a method of creating designs on glass by using an acid or caustic abrasive to create a matte look. It is a popular method of adding flair to windows, entryways, glassware and shower doors. However, traditional methods can be expensive.

If you're using a medium yellow drill set on your shower door, ensure it doesn't have a frost pattern etched into it, as the vinyl is fragile and will wear off the brush over time. Etched finishes are great because the design is built into the glass instead of being laid on top, so you can't brush it off.

Speaking of chips, we do not recommend using a drill brush on chipped surfaces, such as a wall with peeling paint or a bathtub with worn and cracked enamel, due to the peeling off of an already weak surface coating. However, as the Bristle Stiffness section mentioned, brushes are handy for removing chipped material without using scrapers. Drill brushes are safe on glossy surfaces such as glass and acrylic. However, avoid high-gloss plastics such as those used in TV and monitor bezels, headphones, and modern furniture. Like car paint, fine particles can scratch the surface when you clean it with a drill brush. Shiny plastic surfaces are best cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Luckily, most high-gloss finishes are relatively small or have very little dust on the surface, making manual cleaning a reasonably easy task. High-gloss plastic is taboo, but virtually any type of plastic surface is safe to use with drill sets, including patio furniture, kayaks, bathtubs, and children's outdoor playsets.

Drill brushes are fine for everything else except for the case mentioned above. However, if there is an interface that you are not familiar with, feel free to contact us via email or social media message.

Mind Your Speed

Using the drill bit set at a manageable speed is always recommended. It gives you less splatter and cleaner, but scrubbing too hard can damage the surface. For example, linoleum can be damaged by rotating the brush in the same spot too fast for too long, as the heat from friction melts the thin material. It's not common, but unless you're dealing with stubborn dirt, it's a good idea to keep your drill speed moderate, but be careful.

Scratch Free Scrubbing

A drill brush is suitable for most cleaning jobs. However, there are times when it is better to rely on traditional cleaning methods. We want all your cleaning jobs to be quick, easy, and fun, but we recognize that there are scenarios where a high-octane drill-driven cleaning job is not the best option, so we offer other solutions. for those cases. Most of the time, however, a drill bit set will give you a scratch-free shine and make cleaning much more difficult.

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Drill Brush 8-Piece Set Of Floor And Wall Descaling Cleaning Polishing Cleaning Brush Drill Brush
Electric drill brush set of8 - $29.43
  • Electric drill brush set of8 - $29.43

Drill Brush 8-Piece Set Of Floor And Wall Descaling Cleaning Polishing Cleaning Brush Drill Brush

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