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Using a higher dish promotes your dog or cat's health by decreasing pressure on the neck, hips, shoulders, and joints. Raised bowls are also more comfortable for your pet because he or she does not have to lean down to eat.


Each included dish may be removed and utilized separately from the platform, making it more than just an elevated feeder. Furthermore, the legs are detachable, allowing you to use the bowls on the stand without elevating them.


These raised bowls were created to keep messy eaters off your flooring. The nonslip feet are designed to hold the bowl in place while your four-legged pet is eating or drinking, preventing sliding, accidents, and messes.


The two silicone bowls are foldable and, when combined with the stand's retractable legs, may be readily stowed when not in use. The tiny design also allows for easy mobility while traveling with your dog or cat!


Each bowl has a 16oz capacity. Bowl dimensions: 6.6 "(W) x 2.5" (D). 1.25 in. collapsed height ". Tray Dimensions: Overall Height: 5", 15.6"(L) x 7.5" (W). 4-inch leg height 2 silicone bowls and a plastic stand Dishwasher safe on the top rack.


The 15°tilted platform and acceptable bowl height prevent tension in cats' necks, arthritis, or backs, providing the optimal eating posture for various cats and small dogs. The pet bowl facilitates eating and licking for your pet.


Adequate bowl height relieves pressure on your pet's joints and stomach; elevated cat food bowls help relieve neck stress and encourage healthy digestion.


The cat-elevated food bowls are detachable and simple to wash and maintain. Furthermore, it is simple to add water or food.


These cat food dishes are made of high-quality PC and ABS materials, making them more resilient and sturdy when in use. They have a round corner design and a cartoon cat's head design, as well as an oval curved surface that is perfect for cats and small dogs with diverse facial shapes.


When the pet is eating, the elevated pieces in the bowl divide the food, which effectively slows down its feeding pace, promotes healthy eating, adjusts pet weight, and prolongs meal time to reduce discomfort.

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Cat food bowls are offered in high-quality plastic. It is made of washable plastic, and the bowl is used for eating and drinking and as a feeding dish—high-grade plastic for cats, long-lasting quality, and simple to clean.

Features of cat food bowls

Water Supply on Demand

The adorable cat dish uses the siphon concept, an automated water supply, and a 17 oz—high-capacity water bottle to manage the water level steadily. The pet is allowed to drink fresh water whether you are home or not regularly. (Changing the water from time to time helps promote better drinking in the pet!)

Sustainable Materials

The cat food bowls for house pets are constructed of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, nutrition Polycarbonate material. For simple cleaning, each component is simple to detach and reassemble.

Considering Design

Cat food and drink bowl set with two uses. Cat food dish: The removable stainless steel bowl is pressure resistant, break-proof, simple to clean, and health-safe. Cat water bowl: The partition keeps the water clean and stops cats' hair from getting wet.

Slip-Free & Mess-Free

Even mischievous creatures won't tip over the cat bowls for food and water when eating because of its broad, sturdy base, allowing your companion to eat and drink as much as they choose.

Steps in assembly

Before filling the water bottle with water and securing the bottle top, buckle the water bowl divider into the water bowl trough. The water will automatically flow into the base after you flip the bottle over and place it there.

Suitable for all stages of growth:

URPOWER Flexible Increased Dog Bowls expand with the dog as they become older. The dog bowl stand has four height settings: 3.2 inches, 8.7 inches, 10.2 inches, and 11.8 inches.

Lowers stress around joints:

For dogs with arthritis or other movement limitations, this elevated dog feeder is ideal. Additionally, by allowing for access to food and drink at a comfortable height, it aids in the promotion of good digestion.

Very good & long-lasting:

Two bowls are made of superior stainless steel that is extra thick and dishwasher safe, while the dog feeding station is constructed of high-quality ABS plastic that is less likely to be damaged and is better suited for dogs.

Simple to store and use:

Only tweaking the button is necessary to create four heights that are customized. The legs may be folded and tucked beneath the feeding platform to provide a clutter-free storage area.

Anonymous sliding customize:

The raised dog bowls stand doesn't move around when you're eating or drinking, thanks to rubber anti-skid pads at the ends of the legs. The bowl's rim makes it simpler for your cat partner to consume without getting their whiskers or necks tired. The tilted bowl maintains food centred. The bowl's slanted rim makes it simpler for flat-faced cats and messy eaters to eat with less effort and stress. It is 6.1 x 5.7 inches in diameter, 1.8 inches deep, and 5.3 inches tall.

The bowl is kept in place with the aid of the detachable non-slip ring. It is made from premium porcelain that satisfies stringent safety requirements. Additionally, it is cadmium- and lead-free. Mealtime stress is reduced with the Necoichi Tilted Stress-Free Raised Cat Food Bowl! This unique bowl is angled so that your kitty buddy may eat comfortably. The anti-spill lip, in conjunction with the bowl shape and the slanted lip, assists in keeping your cat food-centred while she eats. She will be less anxious to eat the last bite as a result! Additionally, because of its wide lip, this dish is ideal for flat-faced cats and might lessen whiskers' tiredness.

You can easily find the best quality cat bowls from our store, Mairaaki,  don't miss the chance to buy at a great discount. Mairaaki also provides other pet accessories. Mairaaki has good quality products. Also available in a quality fabric of Mattresses at a discount price. Visit us to find more collections of Mairaaki, or call +447476451656.

Design-tilted raised dual cat bowls, 15”:

Food portioning is made simple by the Double Cat elevated bowl. Leaning bodies exert less strain when slanted at 15 degrees. Cat feeding bowls are ideal for various cats and preserve the pet's cervical spine in addition to being anti-vomiting.

Two separate bowls for the food and some water

He benefits from raised double cat bowls for drinking and eating. It is possible to feed two cat food plates with two different foods at once, whether it be dry food, wet food, or a little water.

Simple to clean and assemble

Cat food bowls are the ideal size, and all it takes to remove one is a little twisting and pulling. Two cat dishes are angled slightly for easier reach, and the connection between the cat bowls and the foundation is also highly robust. It is straightforward to set up and clean.

For a kitten or small dog, a small cat bowl

Our cat bowl is for puppies, kittens, tiny cats, toy chihuahuas, small dogs, and other small animals. It facilitates his ability to consume. It might be a lovely gift in a package for a buddy.

Bowls & Dishes for cat food: after-sale amenities

Raising cat bowls are constructed of high-quality PC&PP material and come with a 90-day assurance. If there is any breakage, call us without hesitation. We'll respond to you right away!

Which cat bowl is best: a cat bowl or a cat dish?

The cat may eat better if she had a food bowl.

Cats are known for having particular food preferences. But when you consider how they eat in the wild, it's simple to understand that how you feed your cat may be just as important as what you give her.

Put away the cat bowl.

The cat's whiskers let her assess the breadth of holes, entrances, and other apertures, so she can tell whether she can squeeze through. However, it also means that the cat's whiskers receive significant stimulation when she eats from a deep bowl with steep or straight edges.

Those feelings might not be unpleasant, but they could be pretty distracting. Change to a flat plate or a dish that is relatively shallow so it won't feel crammed in.

Lift the cat's bowl.

Since this gets them closer to the surface, wherever the food is typically found in the wild, cats frequently squat as they feed (and often at home). However, your cat will find it simpler to eat if the dish she is using is raised slightly and placed nearer to her mouth. Use a stand to elevate her dish a few inches off the ground to give her a lift.

Do you want to DIY it? For a raised cat feeding station, follow these steps.

Consider using a different manner to feed your cat if she messes around the food bowl and appears agitated or sad when it's time to eat.

Users could discover happier eaters more appreciative of their meals than before.

How feeding the pet from raised dishes is a good idea?

The majority of us choose to set our pets' food bowls on the floor at a lower level at mealtime. Unfortunately, it's not the best option for all animals. It is suitable for younger or smaller animals who don't have to dunk their necks too low to get food. Elevated feeding bowls may make your pet more comfortable by easing any strain from stopping too low to bring the dish. They may also assist in deterring undesirable bowl-throwing habits.

Elevated pet food bowls: what are they?

Any pet bowl that does not rest flat on the ground is considered raised. Depending on the design, the bowl's elevation may differ from its actual height. Many pet owners have pondered if they should start their dogs on elevated food bowls instead of traditional ones because of the popularity of raised food bowls and their possible advantages.

Elevated bowls, also known as raised bowls, are available in fixed heights for pets of various sizes, while adjustable raised pet bowls let owners select a certain bowl height. If you want to lessen the strain on your pet's neck or spine, Use an elevated food dish that is tall enough to accommodate this.

Do the pet's food dishes need to be elevated?

The stress on the neck of the pet will be less if its dish is raised off the level. Elevated bowls are a terrific method to make your pet more comfortable while they eat if they are elderly or have joint or bone problems. Elevated bowls are not ideal if you own a gigantic breed pet. It could facilitate feeding for your pet.

Among the main advantages of utilizing an elevated dish to feed the dogs, according to raised bowl enthusiasts? It makes eating for them more straightforward and more pleasant. The bowl will be closer to the pet's mouth if raised off the surface.

It implies that the pet won't have to stoop to the floor to get a bite to eat or a sip of water. Elevating its food helps pets with movement problems, arthritis, or joint ailments because it relieves pressure on their neck.

You can easily find the best quality cat bowls from our store, Mairaaki,  don't miss the chance to buy at a great discount. Mairaaki also provides other pet accessories. Mairaaki has good quality products. Also available in a quality fabric of Mattresses at a discount price. Visit us to find more collections of Mairaaki, or call +447476451656.

Are cat food bowls necessary for them?

The tilted cat dishes are also beneficial for healthy cats since they will save them from developing any more problems with their neck or back that might lead to digestive issues. Additionally, the tilted cat bowls will make it simpler to access the food because of the diagonal slope.

Gravity aids in getting the food down to the cat's digestive tract; therefore, lifting the food puts the cat in a healthier feeding posture. Elevating the food and water bowls can help cats avoid potential back, hip, and intestinal issues by easing the pressure on their bodies when they lean.

Which type of cat bowl is ideal for cats to eat from?

The finest plates for cats are made of melamine, stainless steel, or ceramic. Cats may avoid eating or drinking from plastic dishes because they absorb scents. Inspect bowls often for chips and scratches that might let germs grow or damage the cat's mouth. Each cat in a household with many cats needs its own set of dishes.

Cat's feeding posture is improved.

Cat water and food bowls have often been set down on the floor. The cat is then made to flex its spine and paws sharply to eat or drink. The cat will then adopt a stance that keeps its head down, stretches its neck as it leans in the direction of the bowls, and flexes its front legs. Because the food bowl is on the floor, the cat is more prone to experience reflux or even choking problems when its head and mouth are lower than its stomach. Cats who eat too quickly or already have digestive issues may be more vulnerable to problems with the height of their feeders.

Our article on the gurgling sound in a cat's stomach may be helpful if you want to learn more about cat digestive issues. The animal's bent digestive system will be subjected to various pressures in these situations.

Parts of their gastrointestinal tract, particularly their stomach and oesophagus, may get compressed. This compression of the meal during transportation might hinder digestion and increase the chance of discomfort, nausea, and the emergence of digestive issues. The latter can cause nausea and vomiting as well as more significant complications.

These positions put stress on the cat's joints and spine. Cats that feed down to the ground are almost sitting, which gives them bent spines. The lumbar area and the joints in the back and neck experience pressure more strongly. The fact that the joints stay flexed when eating adds additional wear and strain. It is because they also support a significant portion of the animal's weight, which increases the stress caused by the unnatural position. In some instances, particularly when the cat has obesity or underlying joint issues, this might lead to lasting harm.

Raising the cat feeder has several benefits, one of which is that it supports the animal's posture when eating, preventing spinal and digestive issues.

Because it eliminates putting excessive pressure on the regular wear and tear the cat's joints already endure, this is also a highly healthy choice. While all cats can benefit from therapy, older cats and those who have previously been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, arthritis, or any ailment that seriously influences the joints or spine should pay particular attention.

Customization of cat feed bowls

Cat bowls made of plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel? Why the best cat dishes are made of stainless steel!

You can easily find the best quality cat bowls from our store, Mairaaki,  don't miss the chance to buy at a great discount. Mairaaki also provides other pet accessories. Mairaaki has good quality products. Also available in a quality fabric of Mattresses at a discount price. Visit us to find more collections of Mairaaki, or call +447476451656.

Even if you've done your homework on the finest cat food, have you considered the best cat bowl to serve it in? Cat bowls are one of the most essential items you will purchase for your little ones since cats use them frequently throughout the day. Therefore, it's crucial to choose the appropriate kind carefully! Mairaaki set out to design the most excellent and safest cat dish possible. So, in the beginning, we carefully investigated the many material possibilities, such as plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel.

After examining the various materials, we graded all cat dish materials based on safety, design, and overall performance. Ultimately, we decided to make this cat dish to make the most reliable and secure bowl possible. To assist you in selecting the ideal dish for the cats, we wanted to share what we discovered about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel cat bowls.

Cat bowls made of stainless steel: pros and cons

  • Germ-resistant and hygienic since germs cannot survive on hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • Impenetrable
  • Durable and resistant to corrosion, stains, and scratches even with frequent usage
  • Dishwasher safe and simple to clean
  • Stylish, contemporary appearance
  • Quality may vary based on the stainless steel grade

Reason: According to our study, stainless steel works best for cat dishes. Stainless steel is the safest for cats and is frequently used in culinary and medical equipment due to its antibacterial properties. You can not top its cleanliness and durability.

But not every stainless steel cat dish is made similarly. Lead and other radioactive elements have been discovered in specific bowls manufactured abroad. The quality can also vary because there are hundreds of varieties of stainless steel.

We looked into the wide varieties of stainless steel bowls after deciding that stainless steel was the most secure material for cat dishes.

We trust this stainless steel bowl for our kitties. It is produced in the USA in a factory that sells food and medical supplies. It is composed of 18/8 304 class stainless steel, and after manufacture, each batch is tested by a reputable individual lab to ensure that it is free of cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Plastic cat bowls: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Affordable has given its small weight
  • It has the potential to support the growth of microorganisms. Cat dishes made of plastic get scratched over time. Scratches and the porous surface of the plastic trap bacteria that thrive on leftover food and saliva.
  • You c
  • annot wash it thoroughly. Cleaning only removes bacteria from smooth surfaces, not from tiny cracks.
  • It could lead to cat acne. Bacteria on plastic dishes can cause inflammation and infection on a cat's chin.
  • It might include phthalates, BPA, and other chemicals that could seep into food.

Whereas plastic cat dishes might be affordable, quality is a function of price. They carry a lot of dangers. Bacteria in the crevices of a plastic container can cause cat infections or feline acne. Additionally, they could include phthalates, BPA, and other toxic substances.

If you want to learn whether plastic cat dishes are beneficial or harmful for cats, we go into further detail in a different post.

Cat bowls made of ceramic: Advantages and Drawbacks

  • May include creative, enjoyable aesthetics
  • Could acquire chips or fissures that, like plastic cat bowls, hold germs
  • Could readily fracture and collapse. You or your pet might get hurt by sharp shards.
  • Lead or other pollutants that are not food safe may be present in glazing.

Ceramic cat bowls are better than plastic ones. However, their fragility, capacity to store bacteria if adequately glazed and possibly poisonous paint make them a risk. In conclusion, the best material for cat bowls is stainless steel.

You can easily find the best quality cat bowls from our store, Mairaaki,  don't miss the chance to buy at a great discount. Mairaaki also provides other pet accessories. Mairaaki has good quality products. Also available in a quality fabric of Mattresses at a discount price. Visit us to find more collections of Mairaaki, or call +447476451656.

Stainless steel emerged as the apparent victor after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel cat bowls. Stainless steel cat dishes are more hygienic than plastic or ceramic because bacteria from spit and leftover food cannot penetrate the hard surface of stainless steel. Additionally, they are cleaner and more resilient.

However, pick the proper stainless steel bowls.

Cat bowls made of stainless steel might vary significantly in quality. Check at least three things before buying a cat bowl: 1) where it is made, 2) the quality of the stainless steel, and 3) whether it is hazardous. Also, think about if it is dishwasher safe and reduces whisker fatigue.

The cats' stainless steel bowl

Because they are bacteria-free and kind to whiskers, Mairaaki Company stainless steel dishes are a favourite of our cats, Penny and Bella. We like that they are dishwasher safe, non-toxic (free of lead and other radioactive elements), and created in the USA from 18/8 304-grade stainless steel.

Picking the best cat food bowls: 6 suggestions

It might be challenging to choose what to feed your cat, but how do you serve them? Your choice of cat food bowls or plates can significantly impact your cat's feeding habits and health (more on that later). Let's look at these six suggestions:

1. Steer clear of plastic cat dishes.

Cat acne, which manifests as black spots on your cat's chin, may be caused by the accumulation of bacteria and oil in the scratches made by the plastic substance. Instead, Marilyn Krieger, a trained cat behaviour expert in the San Francisco Bay region, advises using ceramic or stainless steel bowls.

2. Consider cat bowl depth.

Cats like large, somewhat shallow plates and bowls and may feel discomfort if their faces are inserted too far into bowls when eating.

She says, "Some cats are pretty sensitive to how the dish feels around their little whiskers. They might not find it pleasant. They could take food from the plate using their paws.

According to Krieger, cats may also feel uneasy using a deep bowl if it restricts them from looking up to see their surroundings as they feed.

The belief that deep, narrow bowls irritate whiskers is unfounded, according to Dr Leticia Dantas, DVM, M.S., PhD, a faculty member at the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital's behavioural medicine service in Athens. She nonetheless reiterates the notion that small dishes are ideal for most cats.

3. Different feeding dishes are needed for some cats.

How if you have a Persian cat with a flat face? Kaufen-specific bowls with an elevation and a slight angle, advises Krieger, so your cat with a flat face can more easily feed from them.

4. Consider where you put the cat food dishes.

Consider where you want to put the cat food dishes as well, Krieger suggests. Place the bowls away from your cats' litter boxes, much like you wouldn't want to eat beside your toilet. Place the bowls in private places in the home to prevent passersby from upsetting cats while eating. Cats are independent hunters and become angry when some other cat feeds too near to them; therefore, if you have more than one cat, don't position the bowls too close together.

5. Maintain proper bowl cleanliness.

According to Krieger, wash the cat dishes or bowls as often as possible with soap and water. Because dry cat food is frequently greasy, germs can accumulate and cause odours. Wash the dishes after each use if you give your wet cat food.

6. Don't limit yourself to cat dishes and food bowls.

By offering dry food to your cat in various feeding containers, you might appeal to its playful, hunter-like nature. Krieger notes that there are numerous other methods to feed cats, so it's not simply the dish. Put some pieces here and there to encourage your cat to hunt a little.

To make your cats work for their food, you may purchase puzzles or make simple DIY versions using items like muffin pans. Additional thought? Place dry food in tennis balls with holes and PVC connections.

You can easily find the best quality cat bowls from our store, Mairaaki,  don't miss the chance to buy at a great discount. Mairaaki also provides other pet accessories. Mairaaki has good quality products. Also available in a quality fabric of Mattresses at a discount price. Visit us to find more collections of Mairaaki, or call +447476451656.



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