Wrought iron wind lantern candle holder

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Type: Candle Lantern

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Product Name: Candle Lantern
Material: iron + plastic spray

Note: This product does not come with candles, you have to buy it yourself

What is a candle lantern?

Candle lanterns consist of a glass chimney inserted into an aluminium or brass base. A candle sits on the floor. The chimney is raised for use and lowered for storage and transportation.

How to use outdoor candle lanterns?

You need to slide the chimney from the base and loosen the ground. Next, insert the candle into the bottom and light a candle. Insert the floor into the vent and screw it tight. You can use the included stainless steel handle to hang the lantern from the loop in the ceiling of your tent. The flame is safely enclosed and protected from the wind. A spring-loaded base keeps the candle flame at a constant height while the candle burns.

What is so great about candle lanterns for camping?

Here's why using lanterns for candles is fantastic. The large candle lanterns are safe to use inside a tent. As you know, you should never use fire inside your tent. It always works if you adequately use a candle lantern inside a tent.

Are candle lanterns simple to use?

Unlike most other lanterns for candles, there are no broken parts or dead batteries. With matches and light candles, you can light an unlimited number of lights. They help keep you warm. A candle lantern puts out enough heat to warm a small tent on a cold night. Using a camping candle lantern also helps reduce condensation inside the tent.

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Consider Your Candle Lanterns:

Pro Tip:  

Do not place short candles in candle lanterns. Generally, the candle should be about two-thirds the height of the candle lantern. If the candle is too fast, an easy way to add height and visual interest is to place the candle on a pedestal or candelabra inside the lantern. Think seriously about the creative placement of your candle lantern. It looks just as good on the floor as on a table or console.

Are large candle lanterns safe? 

Yes, follow our instructions and keep away from flammable materials. The closed design of outdoor candle lantern prevents flames from coming into direct contact with other materials. Lighting candles in lanterns is much safer than burning candles alone.

Candles Lanterns are everywhere on blogs, magazines, and Pinterest. And for a good reason - lanterns are incredibly versatile and easy to decorate. You can add almost anything. Here are some ideas if you can't imagine using this sky lantern at home. You can use these candle Lanterns to hold lights or showcase seasonal home decor changes. You can use a variety of things that you can use to decorate your lantern.

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