Dog Grooming Naperville, Illinois, offers pet-approved dog grooming services. Our pet salon, which is well-liked by dogs and their owners, provides services that keep our canine customers clean, healthy, and smelling nice. Our professional dog groomers genuinely care about animals, so they'll ensure the dog is well-groomed and tidy while also providing they're having a great time.


Why Select Dog Grooming Naperville?

  • They have a deep affection for animals.
  • We cater to each dog breed or size.
  • They have dog groomers on staff that are experienced with various breeds of canines.
  • Regarding the dog, we use only environmentally and specific goods.
  • They offer excellent styling solutions for an animal companion.

At Up market Tails, we have confidence in the personnel, taking satisfaction in their work, and each one of them has been carefully chosen and taught to meet our high expectations. We assume in proceeding with our learning to keep us up-to-date on the modern trends for sanitary conditions, humanistic treatment of animals, pet wellness & healthcare, the latest grooming styles, trends, and safe handling techniques. In addition to being certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, we have won many industry awards demonstrating our hard work and dedication. Our qualified and nominated pet groomers are experts in all methods.

When do you need to go to Dog Grooming Naperville?

  • Whenever it concerns the general health and welfare of the dogs, we are the "go-to grooming medical specialists."
  • Humans believe in learning as much as possible to represent our clients' requirements best, from essential dog grooming to hand stripping, hand scissoring, rustic coat care, cording, colouring, and cat grooming.

Even though we can always give you a professional consultation regarding the maintenance schedule for the particular pet's grooming, we will even give you a free lesson about keeping your pet at home. Dog Grooming Naperville, IL, clients prefer to bring their dogs and cats in for grooming every 4 to 6 weeks.

What you get at Dog Grooming Naperville?

Animals are already regarded as our "kids" or, at the very least, are treated as family members. Everybody there desires the best for their furry friends, whether it be the most excellent kennels, daycare centres, physicians, pet groomers, or the basic requirements of a renowned brand of food products.

Why grooming?

  • Grooming is an essential element of health and lifespan for all types of pets.
  • Most animals require their nails cut every two to three weeks, their ears cleaned often, and their hair or fur managed using essential combing and brushing, clipping, hassling, cording, hand stripping, or de-shedding methods.
  • We at Dog Grooming Naperville have a collective experience of more than fifty years.

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  • At Dog Grooming Naperville, you should use the grooming process to build rapport with your pet.
  • We will always be up and honest with you if there is a behaviour that we see that worries us.
  • To assist your pet in getting over their phobias related to grooming or life, we will develop a "prescription" based on their specific requirements.
  • Our "prescriptions" may include more "Book signings," practising foot-to-foot contact at home or using an electric toothbrush to expose them to sounds.

Activities at Meet & Greets:

  • Feel free to drop by with the adult dog or puppy at any time during regular business hours for one of our renowned "Meet & Greets." To participate in one of our "Meet & Greets," you must visit our salon with your calm, relaxed self and your anxious pet.
  • You are welcome to sit in our lobby, relax with some aromatherapy, stay for a while, pick up a bag of grain-free dog treats, and then depart. "Meet & Greets" are always free, and if your pet needs a particular treatment or is better motivated by toys, we'd be pleased to store them here, either, so they'll know their preferred incentive whenever they come inside.
  • Almost all know we'd wish to watch our "babies" jump in the door with eagerness to get groomed, and then you'll soon witness a happy dog racing through the doors expecting to greet their favourite animal groomer. Do we rescue animals? We take good care of our animal pals from the shelter and rescue. Please call us, and we will discuss every minute detail with them!

How effective is Dog Grooming Naperville?

  • As long as the hair and skin are healthy, the dog and cat groomers at Dog Grooming Naperville ensure you get what you want when your pet looks its best.
  • We are delighted to provide expert advice on modifying the style or giving your pet a total makeover.
  • Dog Grooming Naperville wants to satisfy all its customers, both two-legged and four-legged.
  • Humans believe in open communication with customers and their owners.
  • Therefore we will tell them all the hairy facts and worries about the "fuzzy human beings," from new lumps and bumps to unpleasant ears.

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